'Wreath of Faith' Ring
'Wreath of Faith' Ring
'Wreath of Faith' Ring
'Wreath of Faith' Ring

'Wreath of Faith' Ring


To have faith is to have wings.
Use this ring as a symbol, not just of commitment, but of unwavering faith in yourself, a significant other, or a journey ahead.

• A stunning piece of ancient greek & roman inspiration & symbolism
• Available in 3 sizes
Once sold out, may never sell again



Available in 18K Gold or .925 Silver pendants.

Created with a double sided flippable design allowing us to tell a story in each piece of jewelry.

Double-Sided Pendants Include Two 22” Chains : 1 Rope & 1 Cuban.

Durable for Workouts, Swimming, and all activities.

Waterproof, Sweat-proof, no green discoloring.

Lifetime Warranty for all orders.


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